The Swedish Norwegian Recovery Boiler Committee (SNRBC)

The kraft recovery boiler is sometimes referred to as the heart of the production of kraft pulp. This is motivated by the fact that the combustion of black liquor provides both thermal energy and recovered chemicals to the process. The operation of a recovery boiler is complicated and comes with more potential risks than the operation of any normal steam boiler. This was the reason to the foundation of the SNRBC in 1965. The mission of the committee is to improve the safety of mill personnel as well as the operating safety.


  • Preparation of recommendations concerning the construction and operation of recovery boilers, as well as safety and training of operating personnel.
  • Handling and evaluation of reports of incidents, and information about these to our member mills.
  • Statistics on incidents.
  • R&D, minor projects.
  • Cooperation with foreign committees.

The SNRBC recommendations have, from time to time, been sold or handed over to other parties. The Board prohibited further handovers in 2008. The legal status of the recommendations is clarified in a letter from the Chairman and Guideline A3EN. The SNRBC is a non-profit committee. For further information, please e-mail us at